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Sponsor a SucSeed Garden Today. Grade 4 student with SucSeed Grow Garden growing fresh lettuce in the middle of winter.


Currently there are over 100 classrooms across Canada on a waitlist to get growing in their classroom, they need your support to start their growing journey today! By sponsoring a SucSeed garden the selected class will get everything they need to four full harvests from their SucSeed gardens. They will get to grow lettuce, kale, tomatoes peppers and more! The class will spend the year learning about sustainable agriculture, healthy living and waste reduction. Having children involved with growing fruits and vegtables is one of the best ways to get them to start to try and like new vegtables. When children grow it themselves they are proven to be more likely to enjoy it. Through the additional support materials children will have the opportunity to learn how they can live a more  environmentally friendly lifestyle.



Reasons to Donate

Why Sponsor a SucSeed Hydroponic Garden for a Classroom

 “I have been teaching for 20 years and I have to say, growing produce in our Hydroponic System has been my highlight! Watching my students come into the classroom each morning and to see their smiles/excitement as well as, the conversations the system would bring about has been wonderful!

How to Donate

Supporting is easy! Add a "Sponsored Garden" to your cart and let us know if there is a specific class you would like to have it go to. If you do not have a selected class we will match you with the closest class on our waitlist! If you have any questions at all please email, sponsor@sucseed.ca or reach out to us on any social media platform! We are here to help. 


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