Sponsor a Classroom Package

  • $499.99


The Educator Grow Garden Kit is simple to assemble and easy to maintain. Bring hydroponics into the classroom to teach students of all ages the importance of agriculture, healthy living and the environment. Introduce science and STEM concepts, healthy eating and food security with an interactive and hands-on approach. Experiment and produce throughout the four growth cycles and celebrate the reward in every harvest with your students, faculty and community. Classrooms will receive everything they need to grow up to 100 lbs of produce in the school year! 

If you have a class you would specifically like to support please include the teachers name, school and town in the comments section of the purchase! If you don't have a specific one we have a waitlist of over 100 classrooms wanting to take part and will select the one closest to you! 

By supporting this initiative you will provide 30 youth in your community the opportunity to learn about sustainable agriculture, healthy eating and waste reduction. Once the class has grown their gardens you will receive a thank you from the class, (video, letter or card) a social media shout out from SucSeed and be featured on SucSeed's website of sponsors. 

If you have any questions please reach out at sponsor@sucseed.ca! Lettuce get the world growing! 

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