Growing Young Minds

Here at SucSeed we believe that a huge part of how we create a sustainable agriculture sector is by educating and empowering youth to grow food themselves.


In 2019 we launched SucSeed in the Classroom to empower youth to learn about sustainable agriculture, healthy eating and waste reduction.
Today there are over 1,200 educators and over 40,000 students across Canada using SucSeed Grow Gardens. In the classroom youth get to experience the intersection of technology, agriculture and sustainability. Through a hands on, inquiry based learning experience they grow a variety of fresh vegetables all within their classroom. In 2020, to further increase sustainability learning for youth we launched Sustainable Superheroes, to learn more visit our website.

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Teacher Testimonials

"It was so wonderful to observe daily growth and change. It was especially rewarding to enjoy the food we grew together! Students love the daily observations, the discussions and the fact that we are able to grown food together. Sustainability is discussed in many areas and they hear the word thrown around without meaning sometimes. This experience encourages and empowers them to actually witness and experience growing our own food."
Tanya Moriarty
"The garden was easy to set up and grew our produce beautifully. The students were able to help maintain the garden and helped to create a salad bar with the lettuce that we grew."
Laura Oickle

"We began our hydroponic gardening project in September 2017, and it has been a huge success.  Students and teachers throughout our K-12 building have been dropping in to see how our garden is flourishing. Our ABE class at ACMS took charge of their garden.  Every two to three weeks, students make sure the water is changed, liquid nutrients are added and the PH level is correct with little supervision. Today from our hydroponic kits, we harvested our lettuce that we have been growing and tomatoes from our indoor garden and made a fresh salad.  The students were so happy to share their salad with a few staff and students.  Now we are trying to grow string beans and green peppers."
Eileen Flowers 

"I have been teaching for 20 years and I have to say, growing produce in our Hydroponic System has been my highlight! Watching my students come into the classroom each morning and to see their smiles/excitement as well as, the conversations the system would bring about has been wonderful! Together as a class, we began growing lettuce and we did two harvests. We invited other Grade levels in to see the produce, we shared in the taste testing and our class had a salad each along with some fruit for Nutrition Month!Overall, the system has served as a great learning tool, an inspirational resource for struggling learners and children with emotional needs and it has inspired parents as well as, myself and other teachers to purchase our own system for personal use! Thank you for providing us with this very positive experience!"
Nancy Dyckson