Cultivating Future Farmers to Tackle Food Insecurity in Newfoundland and Labrador

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, February 28, 2024 


The Northpine Foundation and SucSeed, a St. John’s-based social enterprise committed to sustainable food growth are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership, backed by a $300,000 investment from Northpine, that aims to address the critical issue of food insecurity in Newfoundland and Labrador, through raising awareness of sustainable agriculture and food security and children and youth, cultivating the important skill of growing their own food.  

Recent statistics reveal alarming rates of food insecurity in Newfoundland and Labrador — 22.9% of homes and 29% of children under 18. Rising food costs, a diminishing farming population, and an unreliable food transportation system worsen the situation.  

Recognizing the need for immediate action to empower the next generation with knowledge in technology, sustainability, and agriculture, SucSeed, a Certified B Corporation, has been working since 2016 to promote sustainable food growth.  

Now, with Northpine's support, SucSeed aims to educate 4,400 youth in the next two years, introducing them to sustainable agriculture and empowering them to grow food locally in their own communities using hydroponic gardens. 

Quote from SucSeed "Our partnership with Northpine represents a significant step towards growing a sustainable agriculture sector in the province. Together, we will promote food security in remote and rural areas of Newfoundland, while supporting thousands of youth and possible future farmers to make a positive impact on their communities by cultivating their own food. We believe the next generation is a crucial part of the sector and strive to equipt them with the knowledge and skills to grow a stronger Newfoundland and Labrador”, Emily Bland, SeedEO (CEO).

SucSeed's hydroponic gardens will be placed in classrooms as well as community spaces with 150 gardens in classrooms and 50 in communal spaces. This will provide children with multiple touch points in their communities. 

"Northpine is proud to support SucSeed in their mission to tackle food insecurity by educating and inspiring the next generation to grom their own food. This initiative aligns with our commitment to improve socio-economic development through affordable and healthy food, and overall improved health for communities and residents. We believe in SucSeed's vision to create a sustainable agriculture education model that can be scaled up nationally and globally”, Mark Lane, Impact Director, Northpine Foundation.

Northpine's investment will enable SucSeed to create a full sustainable agriculture education model, laying the foundation for scaling to other parts of the country. SucSeed hopes to integrate the model within school programs to maximize reach and impact, or partner with global education distribution partners and other organizations to replicate their model in other places that face food security challenges. 

The Northpine Foundation and SucSeed are committed to addressing the urgent issue of food insecurity in Newfoundland and Labrador, by empowering the next generation with the knowledge and skills needed to create a sustainable and secure food future for the province. 



About SucSeed:  

SucSeed, a St. John's-based social enterprise and Certified B Corporation, started in 2016 to promote sustainable food growth. In 2022, they added a charitable arm, the SucSeed Foundation. Using hydroponic gardens, SucSeed educates Canadians on food security, healthy eating, and sustainability. They work with schools, community groups, retirement homes, and the public, focusing on rural and Northern communities. SucSeed collaborates with over 2,000 classrooms annually, promoting sustainability and self-reliance in food production. Without requiring extra infrastructure, SucSeed advocates reuse of space. Their gardens serve multiple purposes, providing therapeutic benefits, boosting social engagement, and enhancing physical health. Over the past three years, SucSeed developed "The Sustainable Superheroes," a group of 17 hero characters representing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and 30+ pages of learning experiences for each. 


About Northpine Foundation: 

The Northpine Foundation works with a vision to propel and expand outcome-centered innovation in Canada. As a start-up philanthropic organization, Northpine provides catalytic funding through tailored financing (donations, grants, loans, equity, or blend), along with expertise, networks, and other non-financial supports to help underinvested and underserved cohorts thrive and flourish. 

Focused on a core value of kindness in every undertaking, the Northpine Foundation designs, funds, and collaborates on initiatives that combine best practices with new, untried approaches to drive scalable change towards a healthy and resilient Canada.