Tim Hortons x SucSeed

Since 2016, Tim Hortons franchise owners have been sponsoring SucSeed Grow Gardens to go into classrooms across Canada. Their belief in building a more sustainable future through a commitment to the planet and quality food is helping to build stronger communities. On behalf of the entire SucSeed Team, thank you so much for supporting our mission to help the world grow! We couldn't have done it without you! 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, screen free learning has become more important then ever. We currently have a waitlist of over 100 classrooms who want to get growing. We are reaching out to you all again to help us get these classrooms growing! 


In 2016, SucSeed presented at the Enactus Canada National Competition, sponsored by Tim Hortons. Former CEO, David Clanachan saw the potential in the program and introduced the team to franchise owners across Atlantic Canada and Québec. This resulted in over 100 classrooms receiving SucSeed Grow Gardens! That year SucSeed went on to be named the best student run social enterprise in the world.

Over 22,000 students are already using SucSeed Grow Gardens, enabling them to learn about sustainable agriculture and healthy eating, all while experiencing the mental health benefits and positive mind set that is associated with the process of growing. Lettuce all grow together!


Classroom Impact


Youth with salad grown in their SucSeed Grow Garden

In 2017, local Tim Hortons owner , donated a garden to Gretna Green Elementary located in Miramichi, NB. The school loved it that much that they found funding for an additional 19 gardens! Today they have a designated SucSeed Garden room and grow a variety of produce from lettuce to basil to pepper! The school has started a garden club to take care of the gardens and to select what to do with the product. Often they will use it in their school lunch program and create health and nutritious salads for their classmates! 

This is just one of over 100 SucSeed stories! 


Student excited by the growth of her classroom's SucSeed Grow Garden 


Ms. Howley, a Grade One teacher in Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador, was one of the first teachers to recieve a SucSeed Grow Garden sponsored by Tim Hortons. Here are here thoughts on the program: "During the spring of 2017, my grade one class participated in a hydroponics project, sponsored by Tim Hortons. When the lettuce was fully grown we decided, as a class, to donate it to a homeless shelter. The Wiseman Centre, in downtown St. John’s gratefully accepted our donation. Representatives from the shelter visited our classroom to pick up the lettuce and later sent us photographs of it being served to the residents at the shelter. The children were proud and delighted to have shared the lettuce grown in our classroom in such a meaningful way."