SucSeed & Sustainability

At SucSeed, we have a commitment to using business as a force for good, balancing people and profit. Through these efforts, SucSeed has been recognized as a Certified B Corp, making SucSeed the first company in Newfoundland and Labrador to earn this achievement. 

In joining the B Corp community, SucSeed has aligned ourselves with 13 other Atlantic Canadian companies, over 300 Canadian companies, and almost 4000 companies around the world.


So, you may be thinking…

What is a B Corp anyway?

B Corps are for-profit companies, certified by the nonprofit B Lab, who have met the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.


Why does it matter to SucSeed?

This achievement aligns with the foundational principles upon which SucSeed was built. SucSeed first sprouted from Enactus Memorial, a team of student leaders who use social entrepreneurship to create change at home and around the world. Progressing from this, becoming a Certified B Corporation further demonstrates our commitment to leaving the world better than we found it. B Corps use the power of business to solve global challenges, which is what SucSeed has always and will continue to strive for.


What’s next?

Although earning our B Corp Certification is a great achievement, it is an even bigger commitment.

We are formally committed to donating the equivalent of 2% of revenues or more to charitable partners each year (including in-kind product donations).

At the core of the B Corporation Certification process is the B Impact Assessment, an extensive scorecard of our impact.

By doing the assessment, we identified areas of improvement for ourselves. From this, we strive to make an extra effort in these areas, exercising a growth mindset, to make changes that will benefit our employees, our customers, and our world. We look forward to sharing our results with you over the years to come. 


How can I be part of the movement?

  • If you work at a company that has an interest in benefitting society, share the B Impact Assessment with your leadership.
  • If you’re an entrepreneur or leader, learn about the B Corp community, and take the assessment
  • If you don’t work at a company that’s interested in contributing to society, but you want to, check out B Work, the job board open to B Corps.
  • If you shop online, consider browsing the list of B Corps to see what brands you may have heard of. 
  • Finally, if you love fresh food, and want to be part of the positive impact it can make, explore your curiosity. Read ingredient labels, learn where your food comes from, and try growing your own!