Micro Garden Kit Instructions

Your guide to getting a green thumb...

...using the Micro Garden Kit:

Step 1: Remove all contents from packaging

Step 2: Fill the jar with water leaving 1 inch of space from the top

Step 3: In a separate bowl, soak one peat disc in warm water until it has fully expanded

Step 4: Place the net pot inside the jar

Step 5: Place the expanded peat disc inside the net pot

Step 6: Tear the opening of the peat disc to expose the surface area at the top

Step 7: Choose your preferred seed type and sprinkle them on top of the growth medium

Step 8: Arrange the seeds equally on top of the expanded peat disc

Step 9: Place your Micro Garden in a warm and sunny spot and watch it grow! 

(refer to the specific sprouting timelines below)

Step 10: Post your progress on social media and tag @SucSeedCanada so we can share it with our followers!


Specific Sprouting Timelines

For Basil. Ready in approximately 2 weeks from planting. Growing Basil microgreens requires little or no growing experience at all.

For Beet. Ready in approximately 1 to 2 weeks from planting. Growing Beet microgreens requires some level of growing experience.

For Brilliant Blend. Ready in approximately 1 to 2 weeks from planting. Growing Brilliant Blend microgreens requires intermediate level growing experience.


Top 10 Benefits of the Micro Garden Kit

  1. Harvest your own microgreens right at home!
  2. Great hands-on way to teach children about responsibility!
  3. Save money on buying herbs from the grocery store and grow them yourself!
  4. Minimal maintenance is required!
  5. Vast health benefits! From the nutrient-rich content, to the proportionately high vitamin and antioxidant levels, microgreens are a healthy additive to any meal!
  6. Working with plants can be therapeutic!
  7. Know exactly where your food comes from!
  8. Growing indoors removes the need to protect plants against pests!
  9. Perfect for growing garnishes to be used while cooking!
  10. The Micro Garden comes with a workbook that can be completed alongside the growing process as an educational tool for children!


Tips & Tricks

  • Ensure that water is always touching the bottom of the peat disc.
  • To water your Micro Garden, unscrew the lid and lift up the metal seal to pour water in from the side rather than pouring water over the peat disc.
  • Keep your Micro Garden in a warm, sunny place for optimal growth.
  • For bigger basil plants, try pressing 2-3 seeds into the peat surface instead of covering the entire surface with seeds.
  • When placed on a windowsill during periods of high humidity, a common side effect is for the surface of the growth medium to develop white mold. In order to protect your Micro Garden against such outcomes, lightly spray plain white distilled vinegar over the affected area. After waiting approximately one hour for the vinegar to work its magic, carefully scrape the remnants of the mold off your Micro Garden and place it back on your windowsill for continued growth.