About SucSeed

Working Together


Home grown beginnings

SucSeed first sprouted from Enactus Memorial, a solution-minded team dedicated to improving the standard of living at home and across the country. With national and international awards under our belts, we took SucSeed from the stage and into the world as its own sustainable social enterprise. Working with expert agriculturists and engineers, we developed a small-scale hydroponic system -- a soilless, nutrient-filled plant incubator -- to help struggling communities.

Fresh food from home, for the community

Our hydroponic systems are feeding the future of Canada’s north and fighting food insecurity. Families in northern communities who have dealt with high costs and poor quality food for far too long can now grow their own fresh produce for just 30 cents a day. Through food sharing groups, they can share their harvest with other community members, or sell wholesale to local businesses, growing independence, confidence, and life skills, along with great food.

Full-circle social impact

Everyone has something to gain from SucSeed, and we're committed to sharing the opportunity with communities near and far. With increasing partnerships and growth, SucSeed is branching outward: we're educating youth, providing at-risk teens with work experience, and creating horticultural therapy programs for seniors. And everything we do goes back to the community. A portion of all profits work toward eliminating food insecurity in Canada's north.

Bringing together a community 

SucSeed has brought together community members in over 130 communities across Canada to take control of their food supply. We are helping retirement homes, youth groups, soup kitchens, research ships and local businesses all grow fresh food year round. SucSeed has experienced tremendous growth so far, and we couldn't have done it alone. We have partnered Woodward Group of Companies, to put our systems in every community in Nunavut. We are a 2018 SheEO Venture, a Next 36 Venture and a Genesis Client.