SucSeed Publishes a Line of Children’s Books to Teach About Sustainability

SucSeed Publishes a Line of Children’s Books to Teach About Sustainability 

SucSeed has begun publishing an 18 book series that teaches youth about the Global Goals through the stories of a group of diverse superheroes.

[ST.JOHNS, June 19, 2023]—SucSeed (SucSeed Social Enterprises Inc.), announced today their expansion into the sustainable education space through the publishing of two children’s story books and an activity book. The first book is “The Sustainable Superheroes'' which'' which introduces the 17 Sustainable Superheroes and their passions. The book is a great way to introduce youth to the Global Goals in an engaging and positive way. The second book is “Super Rori: An Adventure in Responsible Consumption and Production”; which shares the journey of Rori becoming a sustainable superhero through exploring composting, thrift shopping, and supporting local! Finally, SucSeed has also published a coloring and activity book that allows children to further explore and learn about concepts like water conservation, climate action and gender equality. These books can be found online at or on and will be available in local stores later this month. The first class reading of “The Sustainable Superheroes” took place in Mr.Shoemakers Kindergarten class at St. Matthews Elementary in St. John’s. He shared 

My Kindergartener's loved Sustainable Superheroes.  After the reading, children chose a hero that was their favorite and shared why. Their discussion made it clear that each child was able to see something of themselves in their chosen hero. This made them a part of the story and connected them to the importance of sustainability.  I love that this book puts complicated but important concepts in child friendly language and makes inclusion and appreciation for diversity a focal point.  This is a book my kids have requested to hear again and again.”

 - Laun Shoemaker (he/him), Teacher at St. Matthews, Twitter: @Launshoemaker

Since 2016, SucSeed has been on a mission to help the world grow through their line of socially produced hydroponic gardens and educational learning experiences. SucSeed’s programing is used in over 1,500 classrooms across Canada educating over 35,000 students. They are Newfoundland and Labrador’s first Certified BCorp. They were able to complete the most recent book through support from the Investment Readiness Program.

“We are so excited to be sharing these stories with the world. We have been working on the Sustainable Superheroes since 2020 with a group of 100 teachers from across Atlantic Canada. We are proud of all of the work that has gone into the creation of these learning experiences and books. To see the next generation of changemakers share their experiences protecting the earth and think of more things they can do to make the world a better place is truly inspiring.”

-The SucSeed Team 

“I am so excited to get to see the impact of the Sustainable Superheroes in action. All of the readings we have done so far have been so empowering for me personally! To see how much the next generation cares about making a difference in the world and how aware they are of what is happening is truly incredible!”

-Emily Bland (She/Her), SeedEO 

These books are just the start of the Sustainable Superhero series. The team is actively partnering with other like minded companies and organizations to bring all of the stories together. They are also looking for additional retailers across the country to carry the books. If you are interested in carrying our line of children's books, we encourage you to reach out. 

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