Post Holiday Cleaning Guide

Around the holiday season we often accumulate a lot of "stuff". As a result a lot of us have a post holiday clean of our houses, toy rooms, basements, and closets. These items often end up in landfills, but you as a consumer can change that! The best thing you can do is find a new life for your item. But, where is the best place to bring them?


Can you reuse it in another way?

1. Special blankets, shirts that no longer fit, or clothing from a loved one can be made into a quilt and given new life.

2. Teacups or glasses that have been chipped can become jewelry dishes, candles, or soap holders. 

3. Use old candle jars as new plant pots or holders.


Can you donate it to a local charity?

Try and do your research before you decide where to donate. Some bigger businesses that look great on the outside do not have the best business practices. We suggest choosing hyper local charities to give to. There are many thrift stores that fund local SPCA groups, youth at risk, or many other causes. 


Can you repair it before you get rid of it?

1. Clothing can often be repaired easily, and there is more than one way. You can try adding embrodiary to the damaged area. This can be over a rip, stain, or tear in clothing. A patch can also be sewn over the area to cover the damage. 

2. Electronics can be brought to a local store to see if there is a way to repair the damaged parts before committing to buy a new one. 

3. Furniture can be repaired, repainted, tiled, and so much more. Pintrest is a great tool for finding some inspiration for your next furniture upcycle/repair.


Can it be recycled?

Sometimes only parts of an item can be recycled, so you may need to remove or break open parts of an item. Often the recycling label can be found on the item somewhere. Even electronics can be recycled, so make sure to check your local area!