Gardening Gratitude

Gratitude can be big or small. The most important thing is acknowleging the thing you are greatful for and reflecting on it. Taking 5 minutes to reflect on your gratitude can help to inject your daily view of life with positivity. Studies show that practing gratitude can have positive benefits such as leading to improved sleep, a more positive outlook on life, and even an improved immune system. 

Gratitude can be viewed from many different lenses around the world. It can be simple, or it can be complicated. A new mother may be greatful that her newborn sleeps through the night, while a new mother on the other side of the world may be greatful that her children survived the night. 

Starting Garden Gratitude

The hardest thing about developing gratitude is to start. It can feel silly, or maybe a little uncomfortable to thank a little sprout out loud or to silently thank a tomato. What gratitude really does is slow us down in such an instant world. It allows us to be able to appreicate little things such as new growth. By focusing on the present moment for a small amount of time every day you can retrain your brain to be in a state of "now" instead of panicking about the next thing that is going on in your day. 

So, how do you start? The most difficult thing about sitting with gratitude is keeping your mind focused instead of jumping to what is happening later that day. Sit with your garden for 5 minutes every day and simply focusing on it. It doesn't need to be a silent relfaction if thats what you feel is best for you. Studies have actually shown that singing or speaking to your plants can improve thier growth! You can spend your time observing the leaf growth, or any new growth that may have appeared on your plants. You can check even check the roots on your hydroponic system, or simply listen to the bubbler creating bubbles in the water. 

Gratitude Journal 

Another great starting point is to start a gratitude journal. Try starting out by choosing a time of day you would like to journal. There is no right or wrong time! Try writing down 3 things every day that you are greatful for, and spend a few minutes reflecting on those things. You can thank these items out loud, on paper, or in your mind. 

Your journal does not have to be filled with deeply personal gratitudes. Sometimes focuing on the simple, such as the smell of fresh cut grass can be more beneficial. You can use all of your senses to find gratitude around you. 

Turning Gratitude Inward

Once you've established a gratitude routine, adding things about yourself to your list can give you a huge confidance boost! Just as it is awkward to start thanking plants, it can be awkward to start thanking parts of yourself for getting you this far in life. Self reflection is an important part of self imporovement, so this is the perfect opportunity to try it. 

You could try by adding a "self love" section to your daily gratitude journal. You can try this by writing down 1 thing you love about yourself every day as you end your gratitude time. Try to switch up what it is you love about yourself at least once a month.

Gratitude can be big or small, but at the end of the day it is really about being in the present moment with yourself.