Gardening with no space!

Have you ever wanted to garden, but do not have much space to work with? We've got you covered with some tips and tricks to help you use the most out of your space. 


1. Outdoor Container Gardening

  • Did you know that you can garden with flower pots? Lettuce, herbs, and even vegetables such as spinach, swiss chard and kale can grow in small pots that you can move around you garden if needed. 

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2. Indoor Gardening 

  •  Why even go outside when you can have fresh veggies and herbs growing on your windowsill in your kitchen.
  • You can even regrow herbs, green onions, leeks, and so many other fruits or vegetables right on your windowsill using only water. Simply take a cutting from a plant, put it in some water, and watch it grow!

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3. Front Lawn Gardening

  • Front lawns are typically reserved for grass, trees, bushes, etc. But what if I told you that urban gardening has started taking over many large cities across the world. Replacing green grass with fruits and veggies that can be added to your diet is a great way to save space, money, and diversify your area for pollinators. 

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4. Raised Bed Gardening

  •  Raised bed are a great way to be accessible while gardeining at home. Raised beds can make gardening easier for the elderly, or those with mobility issues. Raised beds can also be easier to manage, as they do not need as much weeding. 

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