The Value of Community Gardens

You may pass by a community garden around where you live, but do you know how truly beneficial they can be for not only individuals, but for the community and the environment as well? Community gardens are also valuable for urban, suburban, and rural areas. Read on to learn just some of the unique values community gardens have! You may even be inspired to start your own!

Benefits to the Environment:

  • Boosts ecosystem biodiversity in the area
  • Reduces the environmental impact of transporting fresh food to the area because it is grown locally
  • Transforms waste into compost

Benefits to Individuals:

  • Increases access to affordable, fresh, nutritious, and locally grown foods
  • Enhances physical health through exercise and exertion
  • Yields positive mental health benefits through mindfulness and social interactions

Benefits to Community:

  • Making use of vacant land reduces the possibility of it being used for illegal activities 
  • Creates economic opportunities through the training of volunteers and selling at farmer’s markets
  • Brings community members together to interact, cooperate, and develop bonds and understanding




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