7 Local Gifts for a Sustainable Holiday Season

The holiday season is all about giving to our loved ones and our community but this message can often get lost within the mass consumerism that happens during the  holidays. It can be difficult not to get caught up with wanting to buy the newest tech and the fanciest clothes to bring a smile to your loved one’s faces’ but this giving season, we challenge you to be a conscious consumer and shop with the intention of supporting your local community and the environment.  To help you out, here is a list of gift ideas from Newfoundland and Labrador that are guaranteed to earn you the title of best gift giver!  


1. SucSeed Grow Gardens

Do you have someone in your life who is looking to develop their green thumb? Then the perfect gift for them is waiting at SucSeed. Our hydroponic Grow Gardens allow everyone, from beginners to advanced growers, to grow their own produce all year round. These Grow Gardens come with seed varieties, nutrients, and all additional growing equipment, enough for 2-4 growing cycles. Aside from allowing you to grow within the comfort of your own home, the Grow Gardens help users build a growing mindset and provide therapeutic benefits that are often associated with growing, making it a great gift for just about anyone! 


2. Mysa Thermostats

If you know someone that loves to nurture their environment and their wallet with savings, Mysa may have just the gift you’re looking for! With Mysa thermostats, saving energy and making your heating systems more cost efficient has never been easier. Mysa’s smart thermostats are available for electric baseboard heating, electric in-floor heating, and AC and mini-split heat pumps that allow you to control how and when you heat your home from anywhere in the world, using just your smartphone or tablet.  Their app offers many neat features such as energy charting that shows you daily and monthly usage, scheduling that allows you to customize your home’s energy use,  geofencing which allows your home to only heat when you’re there or en route to get home and shared access which allow multiple users to control your Mysa. Mysa thermostats are a gift that keeps on giving! 


3. Seaside Reclaimed Clothing

Everyone has clothes on their wishlist, this season, why not buy those clothes from a local and environmentally friendly store. Seaside Reclaimed, a clothing retailer located in Newfoundland, sells sweaters, hoodies and t-shirts, for both adults and youth, that are all made ethically in co-op facilities from recycled plastic bottles and salvaged cotton scraps. In a world where fast fashion is taking over, why not give a gift that helps support our local economy, the environment and waste reduction initiatives? In addition to having stylish and comfy clothes, with Seaside Reclaimed you can also give your loved ones the gift of clothing that was made in an environmentally conscious and people friendly manner.


4. SucSeed Micro Garden Kit 

Not everyone has a green thumb but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t experience the joys of growing. With our Micro Garden Kits, a mini version of our Grow Gardens, anyone can start growing fresh microgreens within 1 - 2 weeks! The kit comes equipped with everything needed to grow all the different variations of seed types, such as basil, beet and brilliant blend, that are included in each kit. With a simple set up process and little upkeep of refilling your kit with water, anyone can grow nutritious microgreens with these Micro Grow Garden kits.  Did we mention that the packaging is 100% sustainable and made from recyclable materials? Whether you're searching for a gift for someone whose green thumb needs help or someone who doesn’t like the maintenance that comes with growing, SucSeed Micro Garden Kits may be just what you need! 


5. Jumping Bean Coffee

We all know someone who loves their coffee so what better way to keep them warm through the winter than to equip them with everything they need to make the perfect pick me up hot beverage? Jumping Bean Coffee is an innovative coffee brand, right here in St. Johns, that is committed to environmental sustainability, contributing to the local economy and delivering fresh and diverse products to their customers. Their unique ECO2 Roast process saves 85% of carbon emissions, their organic coffee adheres to strict environmental standards, and even their single serve pods are 100% compostable! Now that’s what we call dedication to the wellbeing of our environment! While coffee is their signature drink, they also create and sell tea products and merchandise such as mugs, hats and hoodies. Jumping Bean Coffee is a great one stop shop - whether you’re looking for a gift or stocking stuffers! 


6. Bees Knees Products

Do you have someone in your life that can be hard to shop for? If so, we would advise you to drop by Bees Knees and check out all the cool local products they carry, including their own locally produced honey. Bees Knees strives to respect the environment and this is evident from their actions as their store is stocked with products that are ethically sourced, handmade, locally crafted, fair trade, organic, up-cycled, recycled, and overall help on to live a more low waste lifestyle. With products ranging from candles to greeting cards to hair care products to home decor, we feel confident in saying that it’s the perfect store to browse when shopping for those who feel impossible to shop for!


7. Waste Knot, Want Knot

If you’re shopping for someone who would love to have a piece of Newfoundland and Labrador in their home, Waste Knot, Want Kot, has exactly what you need. Their rugs, made from recycled fishing rope, represent the culture of the province all while keeping used ropes fishing out of landfills. Their rugs are designed to utilize a large amount of rope to create mats that are quickly manufactured and allow them to keep up with demand. You can choose rugs of all different shapes and sizes, from large circular rugs to scrap rugs. There is even an option to make a customized rug, where you can choose the material and design of your rug. Since May of 2016, they have upcycled approximately 130 km of used fishing rope! Waste Knot, Want Knot has exactly what you need to commemorate Newfoundland and Labrador and support sustainable practices.