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The Grow Mini includes everything you need to start growing leafy greens. Using a hydroponic bubbler system, the Grow Mini provides a simple, efficient method for producing plants, year round - no sun, no soil, no fuss.

With a 12L grow tank and a full spectrum, clip-on, LED light, the Grow Mini yields an average of 35 pounds of leafy greens a year. That’s 35 pounds of romaine lettuce, arugula, spinach, basil and more - all from your countertop.

Grow Garden Contents: 12L grow tank optimized for 4 plants; LED grow light; bubbler system; 1L of nutrients; grow medium for 1 harvest; pH test strips; and lettuce seeds.

As a social enterprise, we’re proud of our full-circle impact. Our systems are produced and fulfilled by our non-profit partner Choices for Youth - an organization that supports youth who face barriers to housing and employment.

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