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A Grow Garden
A Grow Garden
A Grow Garden
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A Grow Garden

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The Grow Garden includes everything you need to start growing fresh produce. Using a hydroponic bubbler system, the Grow Garden provides a simple, efficient method for producing plants indoors, year round. No sun, no soil, no mess!

The Grow Garden includes

  • The growing container (colour may vary)
  • LED grow light
  • 1 air pump with air stones
  • Nutrients (1 Litre of Optimum A & B)
  • Rockwool
  • 12 net pots
  • 1 package of butter crunch lettuce seeds
  • pH test strips

*Flowering plants (peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, etc) require additional nutrients: Optical and Gigaboost. These can be purchased from our online store in the Flowering Nutrients Package.

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