Tim Hortons Presents SucSeed in the Classroom



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SucSeed in the Classroom engages Tim Hortons Owners to work with local elementary schools to educate children on healthy eating and agriculture. Students gain hands on learning and experience over a 3 month growing cycle. Then they are challenged to do something creative with the produce though the Tim Hortons Growing Challenge each year. Restaurant owners can be as involved with the growing process as they choose. The goal of the partnership is to have SucSeed systems operating in every school across Canada in the next 5 years, that is 1.6 million young Canadians growing thanks to Tim Hortons! 

"Over the last two years, SucSeed has been an excellent channel for hundreds of Tim Hortons and their Owners to connect with local grade schools and their extended communities where we do business. This program is rooted in communities where Tim Hortons Owners and restaurants have always made their greatest contribution and impact. Thanks to their contributions Tim Hortons Owners have planted the seeds for a smarter and healthier future, starting in Canadian elementary schools. We all should participate and find local schools to support! Together we can create and educate national awareness for young Canadians around the importance of fresh and secure food."
-David Clanachan - Former Chairman of RBI Canada

"Today the system that our location sponsored has educated over 200 students in agricultural practices and how they can improve food security in their country. By sponsoring SucSeed we are creating young change makers in our community."
- Michael Van De Wiel (St. John's Franchise Owner)