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Frequently Asked Questions

Project Sucseed Hydroponics Systems

What is included in the Expansion Unit?

The Expansion Unit includes the system, 12 net pods and a water pump.

What is included in the Glow and Grow Package?

The Glow and Grow Package includes the system, 12 net pods, a water pump, and an LED light.

What is included in the All-in-One Package?

The All-in-One Package includes the system, 12 net pods, rockwool, a water pump, an LED light, one pack of seeds, a pH tester and a supply of nutrients.

How long will the nutrients in the All-in-One Package last?

The All-in-One Package includes all the supplies and nutrients needed to grow plants for one year.

Where can I purchase additional supplies and nutrients?

Additional supplies and nutrients can be purchased at most gardening stores or on our e-commerce store.

What is the best system for a beginner hydroponics grower to purchase?

The All-in-One Package is the best package for a beginner hydroponics grower to purchase. This package includes everything you need to begin growing using hydroponics.

Where can I find instructions for growing using the Project Sucseed hydroponic system?

Instructions for growing using the Project Sucseed hydroponic system are available through the links above. See ‘Full Product Manual’ or ‘Quick Start Guide’ to begin growing using hydroponics.

Where should I place my hydroponics system?

Project Sucseed hydroponic systems can be placed anywhere inside, allowing for easy access to fresh, affordable produce.

Where are the Project Sucseed hydroponic systems manufactured?

Project Sucseed hydroponic systems are manufactured at Choices for Youth in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. Project Sucseed employees at-risk youth to build the systems, and profits go toward increasing food security in northern and isolated communities in Canada.

Where are Project Sucseed hydroponic systems currently operating?

Project Sucseed hydroponic systems are currently operating in schools, retirement homes, soup kitchens and individual homes across Canada.

What is the cost of running my Project Sucseed hydroponics system?

Project Sucseed hydroponic systems, including a water pump and an LED light, operate on an average of $0.30 per day, based on kilowatt hour usage calculated using Newfoundland and Labrador rates.

Are the Project Sucseed hydroponic systems organic?

A prerequisite for organic growing is that the product is grown in soil. Hydroponics allows for growing using an alternative growing medium; therefore, Project Sucseed hydroponic systems cannot be classified as organic.

What are the dimensions of the Project Sucseed hydroponics system?

The dimensions of the system are 20 x 29 x 15 inches. The system can hold up to 102 litres of water and includes 12 pods for growing.

How much water does a Project Sucseed hydroponic system use?

A Project Sucseed hydroponic system uses 32 litres of water at a time. The water should be changed every 2-3 weeks. Hydroponics requires 90% less water than traditional growing methods.

How often should I change the nutrients and water in my hydroponics system?

The nutrients and water in my Project Sucseed hydroponic systems should be changed every 2-3 weeks. Refer to the instruction manual for the amount of nutrients to add when changing the water.

How often should I test the pH level of the nutrient water in my hydroponics system?

The pH level of the nutrient water should be checked each time the nutrient water is change, to ensure that the appropriate pH levels are maintained. For a list of required pH levels, see pH chart in ‘Full Project Manual’.

How do I clean the drippers and how often should they be cleaned?

It is suggested to check the drippers weekly to ensure the plants are getting the nutrients they need. If a dripper is clogged, unplug the light and water pump, remove the drippers from the tubing, soak the drippers in warm water, and then put drippers back in place.

How close should the lights be to my hydroponics system?

The lights should be no more than 2-3 inches away from the plants at any given time. It is important for the growth of the plants that the position of lights be adjusted with their growth.

How many seeds should I plant in each pod?

It is recommended to plant at least 4 seeds in each pod to ensure growth in each of the pods.

What types of seeds should I use?

With the purchase of the All-in-One Package, one package of seeds is included; however, all brands of seeds can be used to grow plants in a Project Sucseed hydroponic system.

How long does it take for seeds to germinate, and where should seeds be germinated?

Germination can occur anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks after planting the seeds. We recommend planting seeds in rockwool within the pods and soaking the pods in nutrient water to begin the germination process. Keep the system in a dark space, or cover the system, to help with the germination process.

How can I pollinate the plants in my hydroponics system?

Indoor flowering plants require manual pollination. To pollinate plants, lightly brush the centre of the plants with fingers or an object when open flowers are visible.

How do I know when to harvest?

Keep an eye on the color of the plants and the size of the plants to give you an indication as to when they are will be ready to harvest. For leafy greens plants that regenerate very quickly, you can break off leaves and have new plants that are ready to harvest in a matter of weeks. For flowering plants, like tomatoes and peppers, plants are ready to harvest when they appear ripe.

What should I do with my system if I am going out of town?

Depending on the length of your trip, you can fill the reservoir up to about 42 litres. This would be suitable for a trip spanning 1-2 weeks. For longer periods of time, we suggest harvesting before you leave or securing a friend or family member to check in on the system in your absence.

How long does the produce harvested from a system last?

Typically, the produce grown in our systems will stay fresh for up to 5 weeks after harvesting. Keep produce refrigerated to maintain freshness.

How many harvests can I get out of one plant?

A plant can regenerate 3-4 times before it must be uprooted and replanted.

General Hydroponics

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants without the use of soil. Instead hydroponics uses a nutrient solution and an alternative growth medium.

What is the difference between hydroponics and aquaponics?

Hydroponics uses a nutrient solution to nourish plants, whereas aquaponics uses waste from aquatic creatures, typically fish.

What types of plants can be grown in a hydroponics system?

Virtually any type of plant can be grown in a hydroponic system. The most common plants grown using these systems are lettuce, kale, strawberries, tomatoes, and various types of peppers.

Can different plants be grown at the same time in a hydroponics system?

Any variety of plants can be grown at the same time. However, we suggest that you grow plants of the same height because the light will need to be adjusted as the plants grow.

Example: we suggest growing lettuce with other leafy greens such as kale, or spinach, and tomatoes can be grown with peppers, or strawberries.

Purchasing, Shipping & Returns

How can I purchase a Project Sucseed hydroponics system?

Project Sucseed hydroponics systems can be purchased through our ecommerce store on

What type of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards are accepted as payment methods.

If I have questions about my hydroponics system, who can I contact?

For any inquiries you have, please refer to the quick chat option available, e-mail, or send a message to our Facebook page. Your questions are sent directly to one of our team members who will answer your questions effectively and efficiently.

What is the cost of shipping a hydroponics system?

The cost of shipping will be calculated and will appear on your electronic purchase order. Our shipping costs are dependent on the distance from the location of production to your location.

When will I receive my Project Sucseed hydroponic system?

Our production team works hard to ensure efficiency. On average, you can expect to receive your Project Sucseed system 2-3 weeks after receiving your electronic purchase order.