Nutrient Testing and Research Position

Nutrient Testing and Research Position

Work Structure: 9 Month Contract - Full Time (40 hours per week) - Opportunity to stay on afterwards 

Reports to: CEO

Location: Mount Pearl, NL 

Salary: Hourly pay. $19.00/hour

Start Date: Early May

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*Application deadline is May 1, 2020


Job Summary & Requirements:

SucSeed exists to bring hydroponics into classrooms to encourage a simple, easy, and environmentally sustainable practice that is delicious and rewarding. SucSeed creates hydroponic garden kits to provide classrooms, offices, and households with everything they need to grow from seed to harvest. SucSeed is looking to secure sustainable components in-house, and will start with the exploration of developing nutrients in-house. The company is looking to hire someone to research, create, and test nutrient solutions that will be effective in hydroponic gardens. 

SucSeed is looking to hire a Nutrient Research and Testing Lead, this is a Full Time 6-month contract position. This job requires working closely with the CEO, SucSeed partners and expert biologists. You will have the opportunity to conduct research regarding hydroponic nutrients, plant growth, and natural sources of chemical compounds. You will also have the opportunity to create various nutrient blends and develop tests using those blends. 

Main Accountabilities:

  • Find a nutrient compound that results in faster plant growth; therefore increasing the amount of food produced 
  • Use the research to determine if SucSeed could produce its own nutrient solution that would be made from NL bi-products 
  • Research a variety of nutrients available on the market for hydroponics
  • Research a variety of locally available items that can be used to create hydroponic nutrients
  • Test and trial plant growth with a variety of nutrient combinations
  • Additional tasks related to nutrient development and plant growth as they arise.

Job Qualifications:

  • A post-secondary degree in Environmental Studies, Sciences, Agriculture, and other related degrees
  • Strong knowledge of scientific testing methods and execution
  • Previous experience conducting tests, trials, or other studies
  • A strong commitment to a learner/community centred educational approach.
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to meet tight deadlines.
  • Creative thinker willing to explore new ideas, techniques and approaches to foster appreciation of the environment.
  • Capable of working effectively in collaboration with others, as well as independently
  • Demonstrated ability to write in a clear and consistent style with grammatical accuracy
  • This job requires you to be able to come to work in the St.John’s/Mount Pearl Area. It is required that you have access to transportation as you will be required to visit multiple locations. 


  • Competency in using Google Docs, or Google Classroom.
  • Experience with hydroponics/indoor growing.
  • Experience creating chemical compositions
  • Experience with using natural materials such as kelp, shrimp shells, and fish waste.  


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