Lettuce Grow All Year Long


The all-in-one solution to getting you and your family growing fresh produce all year long. Our indoor gardens empower you to grow fresh lettuce, herbs, peppers, tomatoes and more!  


You Control Your Food

Non-GMO, pesticide free, preservative free and all natural!

Almost No Environmental Footprint

Your vegetables will now travel 10 feet, not 30,0000 miles!

Learn to Grow

Learn about sustainable agriculture, healthy eating and waste reduction!

Lettuce Grow

We guarantee you will be eating fresh produce in 6 weeks!

We Are Here to Help

Our dedicated team is here to help you with all of your growing questions along the way!

Take Control of Your Food Supply Today

It all starts with a seed...


Consistent Supply!

I purchased this little system in the fall and have had a consistent supply of fresh herbs ever since! The hydroponic system is easy to maintain and the herbs grow quickly! It is lovely to have it in my kitchen and have the ability to chop off some fresh cilantro, dill, or parsley while cooking.

- Josephine N


“I have been teaching for 20 years and I have to say, growing produce in our Hydroponic System has been my highlight! Watching my students come in to the classroom each morning and to see their smiles/excitement as well as, the conversations the system would bring about has been wonderful!”

- Nancy D (Teacher)

Easy to use!

After trying a miracle grow system and killing everything, I gave this one a try. Much easier to use and grows a wider variety of plants. Like that I can buy my own seeds and not the pods specific to the system

- Delores S




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