Grow Garden Instructions

Your guide to getting a green thumb...

...using the Grow Garden Kit:

Step 1: Fill the black basin with approximately 56 litres of water.

Step 2: Add 56 mL of Optimum A nutrients and stir thoroughly. 

Step 3: Add 56 mL of Optimum B nutrients and stir thoroughly.

Step 4: Using the pH test strips, test the pH level. Dip one strip into the water and  compare the colour of the strip to the chart on the test strip package.
*Note: Ideal pH level is 6.0. If pH level is too high, add some lemon juice to lower it, if levels are too low, add some baking soda.

Step 5: Using the contents included with the air pump, assemble the pump, tubing and checks.

Step 6: Run the tubing through the hole in the top corner of the lid, attaching the air stones on the end underneath the lid and placing them in the water.

Step 7: Fill each of the black pots approximately 40% with Rockwool.

Step 8: Dip each pot of Rockwool into the nutrient water in the basin.
*Note: Rockwool may cause mild irritation and itchiness to skin due to the finely spun fibers.

Step 9: Break apart two or three Rockwool cubes from each pot and place two or three seeds in the middle of each cube.

Step 10: Gently squeeze Rockwool cubes together and place them back into the pots amongst the other cubes.

Step 11: Plug in the pump.

Step 12: Mount the light 6-8inches above the plant. Once your seeds sprout, turn on the light.

Step 13: Grow & Tell! Share your success by tagging @SucSeedCanada and hashtagging #HappyGrowing