SucSeed in the Classroom

SucSeed hydroponic systems provide educators with a hands on approach to educating students on agriculture, food security, and healthy eating. Through a three-month, hands-on curriculum, students work with the hydroponic systems to apply their skills while meeting curriculum outcomes. To date, systems have been used in Science, Math, Entrepreneurship, and Life Skills classes.
SucSeed systems are operating in over 200 classrooms coast to coast in all grade levels, and are an affordable addition to any classroom.
"I have been teaching for 20 years and I have to say, growing produce in our Hydroponic System has been my highlight! Watching students come into class each morning and seeing their smiles and excitement has been wonderful! Overall, the system has served as a great learning tool and an inspirational resource for struggling learners and children with emotional needs."
Nancy Dyckson - Gander Academy
"Immediately the students were engaged with the project and have taken ownership of the units. They have generated a lot of interest in their project when they presented it to community leaders and educators from Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Belgium and France at the Clair2018 conference hosted at their school in January. They are now excited to use it as their project for the local and regional science fair."
Jaimie Corriveau - Parent volunteer
"My grade one class participated in a SucSeed growing project, sponsored by Tim Hortons. It was a great success! When the lettuce was grown we decided, to donate it to a shelter, the Wiseman Centre. The children were proud to have shared the lettuce grown in our classroom in such a meaningful way. I plan to engage my students in this project each year for the foreseeable future."
Doreen Howley - Paradise Elementary