Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship internationally?

Due to restrictions on the import/export of seeds, we do not ship our garden products outside Canada.


Where is the best place to put my garden?

Choose a room-temperature spot near a window, or in a place where your garden can get some natural light - or, get a grow light for your garden!


How much light does my garden need?

The amount of light needed is dependent on what you're growing in your indoor garden. Most leafy greens will need at least 4-6 hours of direct light, while flowering plants (including fruits and vegetables) requires 10-12 hours to thrive. It's also important to note the different types of lighting. LED lights come in two spectrums: blue and red. The blue wavelengths are ideal for growing the stalks, while red wavelengths are designed to make the plant flower.


What are the best plants to start with?

Herbs are a great thing to get you started with any of our indoor gardens! Basil is our favourite go-to for both the Grow Garden and Micro Garden. From there, you can also try leafy greens such as kale or lettuce, in your Grow Garden.


Will my herbs and produce grow back after a harvest?

Yes! Harvest your herbs and vegetables by cutting it where the leaf (or fruit/veggie) attaches to the stem. You can do this on average two times per plant.


Can I transplant from a net pot?

You sure can! You can transplant seedlings if the roots are shorter than 2-3 inches. Once they are longer than that, they can get tangled together and transplanting becomes difficult.


How are the gardens reusable? 

All of our indoor gardens are designed to be reused! Simply rinse the basin and net pots with hot water, replace your growing medium, and drop some new seeds! Happy Growing :) 


Where can I find refills on supplies?

You can buy refills of Rockwool, Peat discs, net pots, seeds, nutrients and more on our website.


What is the shelf life of the Peat discs?

The Peat disc growing mediums should last for at least one year if stored at room-temperature in a dry environment.