Frequently Asked Questions


What are the best plants to start with?

Herbs and leafy greens are a great thing to get you started.
For example, mint, basil, kale and lettuce to name a few. Please reference the “What Can I Grow?” chart below for more suggestions. 


Can I grow multiple plants together at the same time?

Yes, you can. When growing multiple items at the same time, they should have similar growth cycles, require the same set and amount of nutrients, and should grow to a similar height.
Some examples of items that grow well together are herbs, such as parsley and basil, and leafy greens such as lettuce and spinach. 

How long will it take to grow vegetables?

It should take about 5-10 days to go from seed to sprout. It should then take approximately 4-7 weeks to grow leafy greens (such as lettuce and kale) or 11-12 weeks to grow flowering plants (such as tomatoes or cucumbers). 

Will my herbs and vegetables grow back after a harvest?

Yes, if you pick the outside leaves, the plant will come back. Regeneration can take 2-3 weeks and can be done on average two times per plant. 

Where should I put my garden?
Choose a room-temperature spot close to a window or somewhere with natural daylight. Avoid placing your garden near drafty areas or too close to a heater. 

When should I add nutrients?

You should add nutrients whenever you top up the water in your system. When doing so, add 1 mL of nutrients with every 1 litre of water you add. We recommend checking your water and nutrient levels every 7-10 days.

Do I continue to top up with water and optimum A&B every 7-10 days?

You need to check it every 7-10 days however, it will not need to be topped up every time.

Some of the Rockwool has turned green, is that normal?

Yes. The combination of heat, nutrients and water can produce algae. This is normal and nothing to worry about as long as your sprouts are growing. We recommend removing the affected pieces and replacing with new Rockwool as needed. 

Can I transplant from a net pot?

Yes, you can transplant your seedlings if the roots are shorter than 2-3 inches. Once they are longer than that they can get tangled together and transplanting becomes difficult.

Where can I find refills on supplies?

You can buy refills of Rockwool, seeds, nutrients and more at sucseed.ca